Jack T. Chick tracts on YouTube

If you're not familiar with Jack Chick's comic-style evangelical tracts, then these little videos might go over your head. However, for the rest of us, "Depart from ME ye cursed!"

Always remember, Jesus loves you more than you can possibly comprehend. But, if for any reason whatsoever you don't come to accept the correct version of Christianity while still breathing air, then that loving god-man is going to make you suffer the most horrific and demented fate ever conceived. There will be no chance of parole or escape. You will not even be allowed to die. You will be tormented and tortured forever.

Unconditional love and grace: Isn't it truly amazing?

The Titanic:

One Way!:

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mothpete said...

OH man... again, you guys post the most quality guffaw inducers (I don't use the word guffaws usually). That was brilliant, thanks for the laughs.

I Just love seeing Jack T. Chick parodied.

Anonymous said...

Someone please fill me in. Were these supposed to be real video religious tracts, or parodies?

mothpete said...

Good question. Surely the second video was parody. There's no upright genetalia in a 'upright' Jack tract... well, you wouldn't think.

Anonymous said...

I was condition from childhood to believe this crap. I still (at 54) feel a twing of terror when I hear about hell. THANKs, Mr. Chick.

Anonymous said...

I think the problem is - how do you parody something that is already like a parody of itself?

I was first shown some Chick tracts at the age of six by my recently born-again teenage sister (thanks sis!)

I still remember all the circumstances - where I was, the time of day, which tracts they were etc. - because it was definitely the worst moment of my life up until that point.

It was the moment when my hitherto innocent and purely positive notions of God were forever shattered.

And from that point on, I couldn't even look at the front cover of one of those things without experiencing a horrible chill and rapid heartbeat - even as a Christian.

But not any more. Some time after becoming a fully-fledged ex-christian, I decided to take a test - I found Jack's web site, and read all the tracts that I had read at the age of six, along with several others.

And what did I feel? Well, no chill, no rapid heartbeat, just relief, and the good feeling that always comes when an old fear is faced and conquered.

The good feeling was mixed with sadness, however. I felt sad for my past self, and for all the others who must have experienced something similar to me. I even felt a bit sad for old Jackie boy himself.

After all, it wasn't Jack who invented hell, or the technique of using it to frighten people, including little kids. Those tracts stem from a long tradition, and every one of Jack's story's is inspired by another, much older set of texts, which have provided him with all the material he needs.

And I'm not afraid of those texts any more, either.

So, that's my Jack T. Chick story. How was your first time?! I'd be very interested to read about it!

DUG853 said...


GREAT ones-!

Those will defintely be on my 'sunday-must-watch-list' from now on-!

Anonymous said...

There are like nine more of these Chick Tracts Films. They played all together at some film festivals (including the LA Film Festival, and Outfest, and some New York Festival as well). You can learn more about them at www.316now.com. I'm not sure if it's parody or real, but I the films seem to be word for word. Oh, and I found this link too, to a DVD collection: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ssPageName=ADME:L:LCA:US:11&item=140112404595

mothpete said...

This fundy propaganda did to Christianity what Robert Crumb did to alley cats. I love finding parodies of these psychotic little comics, and the ironic thing is that they're originally unintentional parodies of the Catholic hating fundamentalist. Millions of these things have been distributed around the and they're completely freaky shite. I don't know what bewilders me more... that they're designed in comic format to appeal and scare kids or that the writer completely believes and sells this version of reality.

I've just been looking through the Jack tracts on his website and having a great time. It's a unique style all of his own. What really ticked me is many of the comic books are completely redrawn to appeal to black audiences. Obviously black people won't relate to people being thrown into hell fire unless they see white people... even the angels are black in the black version. Jack Chick thought of everything. Yep, hell is for all races! yay! The devil looks cooler in the 'black people' version. What do you think?

Here's the two versions:



There is so much parody on the net of this stuff but the funniest versions are the originals.

Anonymous said...

Did the musicians on the Titanic play "Enter Sandman" by Metallica?
Does Mr. Chick know that they have a song called "The God That Failed"?


YME said...

I remember the first time I read a Jack Chick tract. I kept asking if it was a joke. Its so off. The guy has something seriously wrong with his logic.

Anonymous said...

Hey. Just stumbled onto your post, here, and figured you might enjoy what I call Chick Dissections, in which I provide MST3K-style, panel-by-panel commentary, along with philosophical and logical arguments against whatever message each Tract is trying to propagate.

You can find them by clicking on this link. Feel free to let me know what you think, if you do check them out.

If you like these videos, you should check out Hot Chicks, a series of ironic short films based on Chick Tracts. I just ordered a copy about a week ago and watched it last weekend, and it was hilarious.

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