Christian Bigotry

Sent in by Andrew T:

I am an ex-Christian and very familiar with the Baptist way of thinking. I have a good friend who is a Southern Baptist who I will call Mr.K. He's happily married with 2 kids and life seems to be quite satisfactory for him. He sings in the Church choir and his wife plays the piano at the same Church.

When I was a Christian I happened to make acquaintance with a person I will call Tim. He used to frequent our Church. A pretty jolly fellow!

A few years ago, Tim committed suicide. He had bought Mr. K's condo when Mr.K decided to get married and move into a house. Tim shot himself in this Condo. However the gun shot did not kill him instantly. He was able to call 911 for help, but died anyway after reaching the hospital.

While having a discourse with Mr. K about my renouncing Christianity, I mentioned Tim's death and reminded Mr. K, on how Tim used to frequent church and still, God did not prevent his tragic death. For me it was proof that the Christian God does not exist.

Mr. K's answer was that Tim was brought up in a dysfunctional family (obviously he knew Tim much longer than I did) and when he was a child he was not in the habbit of attending church. He further went on to tell me tin an indirect manner that Tim was not a good Christian (as if to imply that because of his less perfect life, he did not deserve God's protection and hence encountered tragedy).

I was bothered by this statement. I detected an element of bigotry, prejudice and condescension. What was Mr. K thinking about me?

May southern Christians share this type of attitude- where they-

1) consider themselves better than others

2)they are so special to God that they can do anything they want- like go to war and justify slavery

3)they are all going to heaven and the rest of us a doomed.

4)America belongs to them and rest of us don't belong in America.

It's scary to think that their strong beliefs are so militant in nature. Such ignorance pervades many levels of our society.

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