By Dano

I don't care what anyone believes as long as it doesn't affect the health, wealth, and welfare of their neighbors. (Meaning me)

Christians feel threatened by unbelievers because they don't validate the thing, that is supposed to insure their immortality. They see every apostate as another leak in the dam that they have built, to ward off death. If we don't believe like they do, it weakens their faith, that they will never die.

The point being, that it "DOES MATTER" what you believe. Your fundamentalist belief can keep you aloof from me, and keep you from responding to my gestures of friendship. It can poison your perception of who I am. If you are my brother or sister, your fundamentalist Christian beliefs can divide our family. You can live your whole life, letting silly irrational concepts like Satan, and original sin, keep you from visiting me, because your religious instruction book teaches you, that my lack of belief in your mythology, is evil.

If you are my wife, your quiet, non-confrontational, closeted, Christianity can destroy our marriage, and cause you to maintain a seething hostility toward me, because your Bible promotes that attitude.

Your belief in a literal interpretation of the bible can influence school boards, and water down the hard science, that so many courageous men gave their lives to. Charlatans taking advantage of your emotional fundamentalist, literal, reliance on the bible, as your sole source for archaeology, have built Christian theme parks that grossly distort, and outright lie about whole branches of scientific knowledge, and you naively expose your children to them. The damage done to education in America by this misinformation is just starting to be calculated, by lower levels of scientific skills in our children.

Your beliefs in a particular set of supernatural tenets come into conflict with similar religious, dogma that has been instilled other people, in other countries to the point that they feel threatened and want to kill you and everybody else in your heathen country, full of infidel pigs.

Deeply religious young Muslims flew airplanes into the world trade center, because their religion taught them to hate Christians. They remember how the pope sent an army to their country and killed anyone who wouldn't profess a belief in the divinity of Jesus

Certainly much good has been done in the name of religion, but the divisions it has caused in the human race, and the unceasing hostility germinated by even the slightest deviations in dogma, make our world a very dangerous place today.

I don't believe in the bible because, the brain that allows me to function at a high level of efficiency in this life, simply will not allow me to pervert that rational, logical way of thinking, just so that I will have less fear of death. I would rather live with the uncertainty of what will happen to me when I die, than to download a bunch of corrupted software into the computer between my ears.

I am just one little untutored voice, in what has been a gathering chorus of voices, by rational people, some who have authored brilliant books with so much pure, unadulterated, dazzling logic, and common sense, that they are impossible to put down.

Non of us non Christians know for sure what happens to our "essence" (whatever it is that makes us who we are), when we die, but most of us don't want to be told that this life is evil and not worth living.

Sure we would like to "transition" to a better place when we leave this one, but we want to live this life as fully as possible, without a lot of fear, and loathing from a made up God. We want to use our brains, question everything, and look forward to the mystery of each new day. WE WANT TO GROW!

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