A Sunday chuckle

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DUG853 said...


Playing 'grab-ass' with the Bride has to be my favourite one,....

I'm pretty-much always looking for some video/s to act as a counter-balance to the plethora of 'Sunday-Programming'.

I'll usually play my copy of "The God who wasn't there", and look-around at YouTube/ Google-Video for any new Atheist-clips...etc..

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot!, some great laughs there!

It's difficult to beat the 'body of Christ' falling into the bride's cleavage and the attempted retrieval, and that arse- (and not only arse!-) feeling scene. (especially the adustment the bloke made to get a better purchase!). It seems that groping in the church really is a common occurence!

Actually though, my favourite bit has got to be the look on that kid's face when he realises that he isn't going to get the communion! It's priceless!

Anonymous said...

The cat summed it all up rather nicely!
John of Indiana

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