Vaginal fluids are sacred too

By Brian B

Something I've noticed a lot lately is the contradictory attitude towards "God's creation" in many Christians. All the time, I hear about how we are supposed to have reverence and awe for the beauty and majesty of His creation. What's funny though, is how very selective Christians are in what they'll have "reverence" and "awe" for, even though it's all supposed to be designed by God.

I live in the dorms at a Christian university, and being an atheist, needless to say I get myself into some pretty interesting conversations. I can remember one conversation I had with a few guys, where the subject matter turned to, oh, let's say matters of the flesh. Specifically, we were talking about the chemistry and inner workings of the female vagina.

Well, of course, one of the guys got offended and left. I asked him about it later, and he said it wasn't "edifying" to talk about such things. Although earlier, for some reason, he had no problem discussing his favorite Star Wars characters- and last time I checked, that's not "edifying" either, at least not by biblical standards.

If it made him uncomfortable or squeamish, then I could understand and sympathize. But he used the term "edifying" as though our conversation were wrong on some sort of spiritual level.

Listen up, Christians -- you don't get to decide what part of God's creation is beautiful and what isn't! The Bible says God made everything--everything!--and said it was GOOD. That means He would have carefully designed the labia, the vulva, and the clitoris, and everything else that's down there. He would have studied and pondered exactly what chemical components would go into female discharges, and how they would be released.

And then YOU (Christians) come along and have the nerve to say, "it's not proper" or "that kind of talk is filthy." Have you no reverence for your Designer and the hard work He put in His creation?

Here's what I think, and I mean this most sincerely. I think, if you believe in a god, and you claim to respect his creation, but call some natural aspect of it filthy, or dirty- this is tantamount to blasphemy. Yes, blasphemy. Why do you praise your God for sunsets, but not for excrement?

As an atheist, I can say, I think sunsets are prettier than poop. But you, the Christian, believe both are the handiwork of an intelligent designer, and ought to give both the same reverence, or else you are a hypocrite, and you don't really respect your God's design. Peace and Love,

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