By Dano

I don't know about anyone else but I like the fact that I am related to the monkeys. It takes the pressure off, by having a sensible, believable, alternative, to accepting, that my ancestors were made out of dirt, 5 thousand years ago, by Bible God, and each succeeding generation of us men have not lived up to his expectations.

It is a source of comfort to me to know that the Neanderthals (A species of man that we coexisted with) are not mentioned anywhere, to have been sent to hell for not believing in Jesus. There is much evidence on file to suggest that they certainly had brains as large as ours if not larger, and they were no less worth "saving" than we are.

Of course I am aware of the fact, that the Christian Bible has the earth, and everything in it, being invented by Bible God about 4 thousand years before he came up with the idea that he needed to have a son, a half God, half mortal, so to speak, that he could arrange to have murdered as a sacrifice to himself, as atonement for all of the sins his "other children, were so fond of committing.

To get back to the central idea of this post: Thanks to the thousands of brilliant scientist living and dead, who did the research that fills millions of books detailing our journey, from simple compounds in a primordial watery soup, to homo Sapiens (Thinking Man), I know that generations of my ancestors go back, about 4 billion years, about 4 billion years before it was necessary to believe in a totally irrational concept, in order to get to go to heaven and avoid hell.

Wherever those billions and billions of living, feeling, thinking creatures went, when they died (And my instincts tell me, that a force powerful enough to have created our universe and maybe others, would not waste a life), WHEN I DIE I WILL JOIN THEM!

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