The ethics of hell

A short video discussing the ethical conundrum presented by the religious teaching of hell.

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Anonymous said...

Posting this here,while thought provoking does little to get to the root of the problem. In short this is preaching to the choir. We need to find a way to get Christians to see it and perhaps think of ways to get it translated into Arabic and shown in the Middle East. I would be very interested in hearing any success stories on this line of thinking.

Joe B said...

I disagree. Having been conditioned by decades of church dogma, having multiple restatements of the religion's basic contradictions helps my deconversion sink in. I appreciate revisiting my former deluded and unquestioning attitude toward the whole proposition of heaven and hell. It helps me look at each day with new appreciation for the freedom and wonder of existence.

Anonymous: "We need to find a way to get Christians to see it..."

I've thought of standing in front of a church with a sign that says, "Jesus is a fraud from his alpha to his omega." I wonder what percentage would respond by turning their heads, pitying the sign bearer, try to run me off, trying to convert me, or perhaps actually being curious.

Anonymous said...

I like the video but I think it leaves out a couple of important points, although it does dance around these issues. First, for Hell to be effective, there must be an “eternal soul” and, second, without Hell there is no Ultimate Justice, since most believers want God to be “All-Just” too. This is why “We Need Hell” so evil men and women will ultimately “get theirs” after death, whether or not they were punished during their life on earth. And, if we can make that punishment eternal, well, that would be even better, right?

Even some Christians are mad as Hell about Hell. One way around the problem of “Hell and the All-Loving God” is the concept of “Universal Redemption (UR)”, that is, that Hell does not exist (was mistranslated and misunderstood actually) and that God will redeem ALL of His Creation. Some Christians say that UR was achieved through the ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus. Link:

But, alas, the UR folks still can’t explain away the immoral idea of “Original Sin” or the evil and unjust acts of the Biblical God and his tyrannical, capricious nature. One can certainly understand the position of thoughtful agnostics and atheists alike. It sure looks they have made the right choice in not believing!

I think the “evil” Secular Humanists have the right idea and I love the ending, “Don’t waste your Life”! Great Advice!

Anonymous said...

Oh... this video is a walk down memory lane.

When I was in High School youth group. There was a group called the "Servant Team". It was only for "mature" and "growing" Christians. It created a heirarchy, and everyone wanted to be invited to this special group! We were dying to know what they did at these meetings!

When I finally got in, the topic of the first meeting was the problem of evil. Basically, dealing with the problems brought up in the video. We were taught why an all-loving god would send people to hell, and we were told that our atheist friends would try to use it against us. And how to counter every arguement.

Then when I went to Christian college... we talked about the problem for weeks in my Christian Theology course. My last year in the school, I even took a senior level course called "God, Evil, and Spiritual Warfare". An entire course dedicated to what this video talks about.

THEN before I went out in the mission field, the missions organization had me write a series of papers about 20 pages in lenght. One of them was about the problem of evil. I had to submit the paper and then goes to missions HQ to discuss it with the board members and prove to them that I sufficiently understood the problem and how to counter it. Basically, I had to prove that I had been sufficiently brainwashed :)

Christians (or at least the leadership) understand the threat of the message in videos such as these, and thuse spend lots of time and resources preparing Christians for the day they encounter a well spoken, clear presentation of the "anti-gospel".

Nice video.

bmcworldcitizen said...

Hi all, I'm the creator of the video followed the link here from youtube. Thrilled to see people getting some benefit from it.

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